The Times simultaneously tells and buries to “Faux”togate story

The Times did finally run a story about the Reuters/Adnan Hajj photograph scandal.  Instead of telling it as a story about media manipulation involving the major news story of the day, however, it buried it in the Technology section.  It’s not a bad story, it’s simply a very careful non-story about one man’s failing, his denial that he did anything wrong, and photoeditor’s general concerns about photoediting in a day and age when they have to review lots of photos.

Of course, given that this is the Times, it’s probably just as well that they buried it this way.  Had they run it as a front page story, the Times would no doubt have felt called upon to prove that the photos were fake but accurate.

One Response

  1. Should we call the Gray Lady, gray elephant, as some have?

    The Times is a ponderous moving target, with a skin pachyderm thick, who claim to stand only for ‘the news that’s fit to print.’

    I suspect the Reuters line saluting the blogosphere (weblogs) for contributing to fairplay does not reflect internal feelings at the Gray Lady. ‘Pajama pundits’ certainly conjure a bad taste for the Times’ editors.

    With Dan Rather removed, the Times is now the favorite sport,or so it seems.

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