Hillary may be the mean girl at high school

You remember the popular mean girl at high school, don’t you? Lots of people wanted to be in her ambit, but no one really liked her. I was irresistibly reminded of that iconic American high school figure when I read this article about Hillary polling in New Hampire (hat tip: Best of the Web Today):

Dick Bennett has been polling New Hampshire voters for 30 years. And he’s never seen anything like it.

“Lying b**** . . . shrew . . . Machiavellian . . . evil, power-mad witch . . . the ultimate self-serving politician.”

No prizes for guessing which presidential front-runner drew these remarks in focus groups.

But these weren’t Republicans talking about Hillary Clinton. They weren’t even independents.

These were ordinary, grass-roots Democrats. People who identified themselves as “likely” voters in the pivotal state’s Democratic primary. And, behind closed doors, this is what nearly half of them are saying.

“I was amazed,” says Bennett. “I thought there might be some negatives, but I didn’t know it would be as strong as this. It’s stunning, the similarities between the Republicans and the Democrats, the comments they have about her.”

Bennett runs American Research Group Inc., a highly regarded, independent polling company based in Manchester, N.H. He’s been conducting voter surveys there since 1976. The polls are financed by subscribers and corporate sponsors.

He has so far recruited 410 likely voters in the 2008 Democratic primary, and sat down with them privately in small groups to find out what they really think about the candidates and the issues.

His conclusion? “Forty-five percent of the Democrats are just as negative about her as Republicans are. More Republicans dislike her, but the Democrats dislike her in the same way.”

Hillary’s growing brain trust in the party’s upper reaches already knows she has high “negatives” among ordinary Democrats. They think she can win those voters over with the right strategy and message.

But they should get out of D.C., New York and L.A. more often, and visit grassroots members.

Because we’re not talking about “soft” negatives like, say, “out of touch” or “arrogant.”

We’re talking: “Criminal . . . megalomaniac . . . fraud . . . dangerous . . . devil incarnate . . . satanic . . . power freak.”


And: “Political wh***.”

Note: I don’t usually like reporting such personal remarks, but in this case you can hardly understand the situation without them. I have no strong personal feelings about the senator.)

There are caveats. Any survey can be inaccurate or misleading. And 55 percent of ARG’s sample was either neutral or positive about Sen. Clinton. Thirty-two percent currently say they plan to vote for her in the primary.

But Bennett says he’s never before seen so many N.H. voters show so much hatred toward a member of their own party. He’s never even seen anything close.

He believes top national Democrats are missing this grassroots intensity. Instead, he suspects, they are blinded by poll numbers, which give Hillary a big early lead based on her name recognition.

Hillary may still win, despite these strong negatives within her own party. She has fabulous sums of money and, as the article notes, name recognition, which can be virtually unbeatable. I just wonder what it is she’s done to draw down such harsh condemnations from her own party? These feelings don’t seem to be tied to policy. That is, she’s not going down in Joe Lieberman’s pro-War flames, even though she’s been a hawk. This seems to be much more visceral. It’s certainly going to be an interesting primary season on both the left and right, isn’t it?

2 Responses

  1. What has she done to draw such harsh condemnation? People do not like listening to clanging cymbals. They eschew hypocrisy. They remember Hillary-care and remember that they never elected a co-president. Common, ordinary people know that it is possible to love ‘the people’ and to not love people. She has not love.

  2. Yes Marguerite, and in line with that on a visceral level people deeply sense she’s a ‘b*t*h and that she’s got a mans’ brutality about her.

    Years ago, I remember reading that the Secret Service people couldn’t stand her, as she acted toward them in a condescending, arrogant and dismissive manner toward the ‘little’ people.

    BTW, the other person the Secret service people didn’t like was a guy by the name of Al Gore…

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