Digging under ground

I’ve heard a lot in the past week or so about the underground tunnels Hezbollah has built all along Lebanon’s southern (and Israel’s northern) border. These reports led me to wonder why Israel, which has a very well equipped army, didn’t have bunker busters, of the type we heard about during the first Iraq War in 1991. It turns out they’re on back order. Already a couple of years ago, Israel placed an order for these weapons from the US, and Israel is now seeking to expedite that order (a not unreasonable request given the passage of time and Israel’s current exigent situation). Hashmonean has the whole story.Talking to Technorati: , , , ,

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  1. Ya, bunker busters. The US has them, and doesn’t like to let them go for some reason… probably because we don’t EVER want to see someone else use it on one of our fortified positions. It’s a great way to take out high command, let me tell ya that.

    I suspected Israel didn’t have bunker busters when they said that they dropped “21 tons” of explosives on a Hizbollah bunker. Then they were reported to be ordering “special munitions” from America. Israel doesn’t produce jdams or bunker busters, we do.

    This is horrible logistics. No way would a proper alliance be attempting to “expedite” munitions one week after the war had already started. There is like zero collaboration between the US and Israel.

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