The First Neo-Con/Crypto-Con Carnival

[Another bumped reminder about the carnival.]

Working through Blog Carnival, I've decided to go crazy and have a carnival of my own. The goal of this first edition to have people submit posts describing their political conversion to conservatism. You can also submit articles to me, and I'll create a blogsite to house them for the carnival. And because I personally am a crypto-conservative, I'd love to include posts from those of you who, as I did, elected to keep quiet about your political epiphany.

I'm hoping to run the Carnival on July 4, so am requesting that submissions come in by June 25. You can find a submission form here. If you think this carnival has interesting potential, even if you won't personally be submitting anything, please use your blog to let people know about it.

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8 Responses

  1. I don’t have a blog nor a URL and don’t want to register for the carnival. Here’s my story, use it as you wish.

    In 1960 as a young mother staying home with two little people under three, I watched the democratic national convention on television. There was little organization. Cameras picked up the action and Huntley and Brinkley supplied the color. Politicians hadn’t learned yet to play to the cameras so all their machinations were hanging out there for all to see. The Kennedy goons were a disgrace and LBJ’s ruthlessness was brilliantly exposed on camera.

    So I didn’t have to convert, I became an anti-Democrat by default and through the years, my first impressions were confirmed. I am a naturally independent logical thinker, so socialism and collectivism are anathema. I registered as a Republican (my first vote was for Eisenhower) and support most of the conservative agenda. I admire Bush and marvel that he can withstand the worldwide fusillade against him 24/7.

    I also lived among liberals in New England college towns and walked the fine line while my kids were in public school and our livelihood was determined by the worst of the moonbats. Now that we’re retired and my kids are grown with kids of their own, I’m free to be me.

  2. Hi BW!

    With this latest immigration fiasco I am finally cutting all ties to the Republican Party (with the exception of our governor, Mark Sanford). I know what people say about “not voting” for a Republican is a vote for a Democrat, but I have to look at myself in the mirror every morning, and have come to the realization that both of these parties have damaged our nation exceptionally. Given that, there will never be positive change as long as we continue to accept the “lesser of two evils”.

    Anyhow, I thought I owed you an explanation as lately my posts at the News Snipet have been rather negative towards Republicans. I do not have the faith that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the rest of the “conservative” pundits have that this party can turn itself around.

    Who knows, if the psuedo-conservatives lose power and the nation is seized by the fascist left, then maybe there will be a conservative backlash again like we saw under Reagan.

    I am not discouraged, just feel its time that I acknowledge the reality of the matter.

    Btw, I am logged in as my other blog persona–I teach a young adults group and we have a site on WordPress. (Thanks to you–when you left blogger I checked out WP and liked what I saw). I post a daily devotional, etc.

    Hope you are well!


  3. It was 1986. I had become involved in our local Unitarian-Universalist congregation through some bohemian friends. I myself was still rather bohemian, but I’d become curious about just who these Sandinistas were and so I’d read Shirley Christian’s book, Nicaragua, and found out that they had been hard-core Communists since their inception in the 50s. One Sunday, our guest speaker was a guy from the Peace Fellowship (that met at the local Presbyterian church). He and his wife had just come back from a “fact-finding” mission to Nicaragua and El Salvador and he was full of ravings about the FSLN’s establishing of a “poor people’s democracy.” He went into what a wonderful thing liberation theology was. I was getting hot, visibly squirming in my seat. I lit into him during the Q&A session.
    The whole thing motivated me to join the Indiana Council on World Affairs (which within two years made me president) and get a master’s degree in history. Along the way, I subscribed to National Review and Commentary. I read Witness by Whittaker Chambers and The Road To Serfdom by Friedrich Hayek.
    I’ve never looked back. I just wish I could have all those years back that I spent in tofu-and-sprouts land.

  4. […] Book Worm Room is sponsoring a carnival of converts.  So far all I’ve done is post a comment, in which I tell my personal tale of coming to my senses, under the post about the event, which you can read here, but you can fully participate with a submission form at the same link if you’d like to link your own account of ideological epiphany from your own blog.  It’s for those who moved from left to right, either over time or in a road-to-Damascus moment.  My story begins in 1986 . . . […]

  5. Hi Bookworm,

    Great subject! There are a lot of interesting stories out there and as an apparent modern day ‘neocon’, I will be submitting my own. People interested should also check out ‘Right Turns’ by Michael Medved and ‘Radical Son’ by David Horowitz (the latter is just fantastic!), two transformed far left liberals who have become a couple of the most articulate and sophisticated spokespeople for conservatism.

    Jack – one thing I missed in your post – what do you plan to do at the polls now that you have abandoned the Republicans and apparently have no interest in Democrats? Are you at least going to get involved in Republican primaries so you can influence the way the Republicans go and make them your party again? What I mean is that the Reagan revolution wasn’t from people leaving the Republican party, it was from people CHANGING the Republican party.

  6. Hi Otto,

    I am now registered independent, althought I have Republican friends and colleagues. The roots of our Republican Party here are fairly corrupt–few of the new candidates have character and almost none of them an ounce of understanding of true conservatism. I exert as much influence locally as I can, but getting on in age it becomes more difficult. I will continue to vote in the Republican primary but have little hope that it will any longer make a difference. My vote in the national will go to the Libertarian or Constitution Party candidates.

    Otto, one challenge I gave on my blog was for someone to name one prominent politician who was a real conservative. Real conservatives do not rise to the top any longer in this political climate.

    Having been in the thick of the Reagan era I have to disagree with you somewhat. Reagan was a singularity that circumvented his own party politics. We did not see change in the party we saw it man-handled.

    Don’t mean to sound negative. Just that the Republican Party has chosen its leadership and its course and it has left its values and thus its constituents. Problem is that the majority of its constituents are a little slow to catch on–but they are starting to. The News Snipet published during the 2000 primaries that President Bush was no conservative, but a global socialist. He told us during the primaries what he was, but conservatives refused to listen. Now they are acting like he has betrayed them–but he is doing exactly as he said he would–it is conservatives fault for not listening.



  7. You’re invited too. Please read my post from today. Don’t miss the comments. 🙂



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